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Zhongshan Chenfong Travel Wear Co.,ltd is a professional handbag manufacturer, which consists of designing, developing and selling. Our company established in 1990 and our company has accumulated 26 years of experience in the manufacturer of handbags. Our customers across five continents and our production have been selling around the world. PLAYKING brand has been registered 25 national patents, sold around the world. Our factory is located inZhongshan City,GuangdongProvince. Our staff is including 250 people and our factory has 5000 square meters. There are offices, model room, warehouse canteen, cutting room, power room, staff quarters, sport ground and entertainment room. Our company’s environment is quite good and our production workshop is 3000 square maters. The wide range of products in our company is including a number of national patent production, there are music backpack, spotlights backpack, lightweight folding chairs backpacks, a backpack of glasses clip, glasses rope, purses music backpack, turning light backpack, etc. Furthermore, the other backpacks like bags, handbags, travel bags, cooler bags, cosmetic bags briefcases, luggage, CD...




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